We started our business in 2005, initially providing a broad consultancy, but now exclusively working to enable high performing teams in a variety of sectors.

Pete, who has twenty years experience in the tech sector, has been coaching (predominantly Scrum) software development teams since 2013, and, in early 2014, he became a Belbin Accredited Practitioner. He has subsequently used that knowledge to help build teams, both in the software development sector and in other non-tech businesses. Our training courses have proved popular with a variety of large businesses (mostly in the UK, but also in Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, and Lebanon).

Lizzie, an ACCA accountant, continues to manage the back office, and, since 2015, has focused most of her attention on our social enterprise, Create on the Square, which aims to support creative enterprise in Cheltenham and, in particular, benefit the Cheltenham West community, where we are based. Create on the Square was opened in 2016, as an incubator space for socially beneficial projects/businesses, in a formerly disused retail unit in the Coronation Square shopping centre.

Pete & Lizzie

Our Values

The logo reflects the values that George Team Development aspire to do business by.


Our logo is plain and simple. Our surname is ‘George’ and we help teams develop. There’s nothing wrong with more creative names, but we want to emphasise our honest, upfront approach. We don’t try to be something we’re not, because we are confident of who we are.


The logo ‘G’ has a distinctive design made up of multiple individual pieces. Each piece is individual and contributes to the whole, just as each person is similarly individual and valuable. Consequently, every individual should be free to become the person they were made to be.


Although made up of multiple pieces, the ‘G’ also creates a solid shape. Each individual part contributes its part to make the whole stand out more. This reflects our conviction that by working together, we can achieve far more than we could ever do separately.