Belbin for Scrum Masters

This 1 day workshop is intended to equip Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to be able to use Belbin Team Roles to help build strong Scrum delivery teams.

The workshop provides an introduction to Belbin Team Roles and then explores how this can be used within the Scrum Framework to build a high performing Scrum team.

Course Details


1 Day


£600+vat (per person)

Max Participants


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Course Outline

  • Welcome & Housekeeping
  • Why Belbin Team Roles?

Scrum is a framework for delivering products in complex contexts, but, above all, it is intended to enable self-organising, cross-functional teams to work to their best ability. A great Scrum Master will use whatever tools are available to help the team do that.

Belbin Team Roles are used to identify behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace, and are an ideal tool for building Scrum Teams.

This first section provides an introduction to Belbin Team Roles and their benefits.

  • What are the nine Team Roles?

This section explores each of the nine Belbin Team Roles and provides an opportunity to discuss them in more detail

  • Belbin Individual Report – debrief

Each participant receives their Belbin report and has the opportunity to ask questions about the results.

  • Belbin Reports Discussion

A discussion on the merits of psychometric testing and the Belbin Reports, including an overview of different types of report provided by Belbin

  • Choosing a Team

An exercise to choose a team to attempt a team challenge, based on the Team Roles indicated by the Reports.

  • Team Challenge

A hands-on walkthrough of a typical team challenge, which could be used with a team to help them work together.

  • Retrospective

A short retrospective on the team challenge, reflecting on how the participants did and how it could be used with their Scrum teams.

  • Handling Conflict Over Scrum Practices

How Belbin can help the team to get the best out of the Scrum Framework.

  • Handling Role Conflicts

A discussion on how to deal with potentially conflicting roles and how to ensure allowable weaknesses do not create ineffective performance.

  • A final retrospective and discussion on what can be learned from the workshop and what actions can be taken back to the workplace.


Cost includes trainer, training material, venue hire, refreshments and a Belbin SPI Report.

This includes an overview of Belbin reports. Each participant will complete a Belbin report before the workshop. This will provide insight in to the participant’s own Team Roles and how they can be used with teams.

The course is suitable for all Scrum Masters who want to add this valuable team development tool to their coaching toolbox. It assumes a good understanding of the Scrum Framework.